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Hello and welcome to Crossword Spree by William Gee. This site has been designed purely for your crossword enjoyment and entertainment: nothing too complicated, nothing too simple; just the right mix to keep you intrigued!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sept. 1st - 30th, 2014

Here we are once again facing the end of Summer in the northern hemisphere.  Soon night-time temperatures will begin to cool and the leaves will rehearse their spectacular and colorful end of season show.  It is harvest time, the kids are back in school, and football season looms.  We celebrate Labor Day and begin to think about wrapping up outdoor seasonal interests.  Also this month we make the subtle segue into Fall.  Soon we will be spending more time inside and pursuing our favorite indoor activities.  Make certain that one of these pursuits is your daily mental exercises with a crossword puzzle or two.  We offer our newest challenges below, but include over 1200 additional choices in the archives listed to the right.  Happy puzzling!

New puzzle entries are now posted every Mon., Wed., & Fri. each week

09/22/14  Scoot! 
09/19/14  Far, Far Away 
09/17/14  Time And Again 
09/15/14  It's In The Can 
09/12/14  Lies, Lies, Lies 
09/10/14  Bound To Happen 
09/08/14  And  ......
09/05/14  That's Entertainment 
09/03/14  Chic 
09/01/14  Finito 

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