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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Apr. 1st - 30th, 2014

The first full month of Spring, April ushers in a welcomed time of change.  From the Latin "aperire" meaning "to open", it is a time when trees and flowers burst forth in the northern hemisphere, birds return and the bees and butterflies are busy.  It is planting time, pro baseball season begins, thoughts turn to Spring cleaning and yard work, plus it is a time for some leisure in appreciated warm sunshine.  April opens with April Fool's Day, celebrated world-wide as a day of jokes and general foolishness.  It is the month that also  hosts Arbor Day, the annual event geared toward a consciousness for reforestation, plus the Jewish faith celebrates Passover and the Christian faith celebrates Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  As you enjoy this season of less confinement and the onset of more outdoor activities, don't forget to take a few moments now and then to do a crossword puzzle or two, which is a great way to exercise your mental faculties.  Enjoy this month's offerings listed below or tap into the archives listed to the right where you will find more than 1200 additional postings.

New puzzle entries are posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

04/16/14  Meal Time 
04/14/14  Monotonous 
04/11/14  Time For Soup 
04/09/14  Eggy Delights 
04/07/14  Hit Or Miss 
04/04/14  Just A Notion 
04/02/14  Put It In Gear 

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