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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 1st - 31st, 2014

July has arrived, and with it the second half of our year begins.  Named for Julius Caesar, it once was the fifth month of the year, but was moved to become our seventh month and acquired an extra day!  In the northern hemisphere it begins the hottest season, known familiarly as "the dog days of summer".  It also represents a relatively drier time of year with flowers in abundance that crave the warmth.  Beyond being "National Hot Dog Month", July is undoubtedly best recognized in the U.S. by the celebration of Independence Day on the 4th of the month, with fireworks displays, family picnics and barbeques, baseball, and time away from work at favorite leisure spots.  As you enjoy the summer activities, remember to squeeze in some time for your mental exercises and crossword puzzles.  These are a great way to start a day at breakfast or end a day after supper.  Happy puzzling!

New puzzle entries are now posted every Mon., Wed., & Fri.

07/25/14  Tight 
07/23/14  The Small Things 
07/21/14  Certainly 
07/18/14  In Doubt 
07/16/14  Magical 
07/14/14  Eminent 
07/11/14  Never Say Die 
07/09/14  Time Out 
07/07/14  Logical 
07/04/14  Say Nothing 
07/02/14  Distant 

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