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Hello and welcome to Crossword Spree by William Gee. This site has been designed purely for your crossword enjoyment and entertainment: nothing too complicated, nothing too simple; just the right mix to keep you intrigued!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Dec. 1st - 31st, 2014

Here we are in December --- that wonderful month marking the end of our calendar year, as well as a time of special celebrations.  Beginning with Hanukkah, or the Festival of Lights, followed by Christmas, the commemoration of Christ's birth, and Kwanzaa, the observation of the importance of family, community and culture, the month culminates with New Year's Eve, the threshold for things yet to come. This is a time of seasonal decorations, spiritual observations and reunions, featuring good food and drink, warm feelings, and giving and receiving of gifts.  The Yule season is a festive remembrance of times past and present, as well as an anticipation of times ahead.  Enjoy the season! Make this a December to remember.  And, when possible, take time to work a puzzle or two from this month's selection or the archives provided.  Happy Holidays!

New puzzle entries are now posted every Mon., Wed., & Fri. of each week.

12/19/14  Be A Good Guy 
12/17/14  Never Say Never 
12/12/14  At Large 
12/10/14  It's A Reach 
12/08/14  Sit 
12/05/14  Get It Done 
12/03/14  Take A Peek 
12/01/14  Dodge The Bullet 

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